LOOK UP MORE is a social awareness project that asks people to disconnect from technology for short periods of time and be present.


I began carrying a disposable camera around with me because I wanted something compact and always loved film.  After carrying it around, I noticed how much less I was on my phone.  I wasn't concerned with how a picture looked or putting a filter on it and immediately uploading to social media.  I began noticing more in my town and the beauty in my surroundings.  My photos began to gain more meaning to me because I was present.

How the project works is we will be shipping disposable cameras to people who are interested in participating.  You are asked to carry the camera around in your day to day routine and take 27 photos that truly mean something to you because you were present and not on your phone.  After the 27 exposures, you will ship the camera back.  We will develop the photos, share the photos with you and use for social media.  Once we have chosen 1,000 photos, we are having a gallery show called "1k" where the printed photos will be up for purchase to raise money for cameras and laptops for underprivileged children who are aspiring photographers. So | we ship camera to you | you take photos | you ship camera back to us | we raise money | we slap high fives |